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We are one among the fully licensed and the best money lending companies located in Singapore. At present, our company allow its money lending services to Singapore residents, PR and foreigners with valid employment pass. Also, company assures its reliability with the approval of registry of money lenders IPTO.

Our main aim is to provide the money to the needy people immediately after the approval of loan service. We are your ideal choice for all in search of an immediate loan service. Here, you just need to fill in the online application and wait for the approval. Usually, the approval status is notified within a few minutes time interval. Read more.

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High security is one among the highlighting features of our service. Our company assures enhanced security for all valuable documents of customer. Highly reliable service is another feature that we can boast upon. Almost all our workers here are dedicated to provide their valuable service to customers. Apart from high efficiency, high flexibility is another main factor that distinguishes us apart from other loan providing services.

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Today, our company provide six types of loan services to the needy people. Most popular loan services provided by us include Personal loan, business loan, foreigner loan and Payday loan. Apart from the above four loans, we also provide renovation loan and emergency loan to customers.

Payday loan is generally a kind of short term loan for people in need of some fast cash. At present, you can easily apply for this loan by filling the online application form. Business loans are generally provided for the business owners based in Singapore. Similar to business loan, foreigner loan is another main type of loan service we give. It is generally meant for foreigners who find it difficult to raise money to meet their business expenses. In all ways, we act as an ideal money lending service to meet the demands of today’s busy life.

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  • Glad to have found this company during the times when I needed funds for my company. Approval was quick once documents are submitted. Highly recommended!

    Henry Chang
    creative director
  • I was in a hurry looking for a company to give me a payday loan, since I have pending bills and my salary didn’t arrived yet. Good thing this company was able to provide such loan and I was able to pay my bills on time. Thanks!

    Jennah Choi
    web developer
  • When I needed money to get my family into a vacation trip abroad, I was able to borrow from this company. With their low interest rates and quick loan approval, I was able to put my trust on them.

    James Li
    account manager


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